What are the added ingredients in Slender Sip?

100% Arabica instant Coffee, L-carnitine, Cactus Extract, Bitter orange extract, Phaseolamin, Garcinia cambogia extract, Green coffee bean extract



Does it really work?

Yes, we have testimonials from many satisfied customers that have lost unwanted weight. You can visit our “success stories” page for some stories from satisfied customers.


What should I eat whilst taking Slender Sip?

We have designed a flexible eating plan, designed especially to compliment our products. We will email you the eating plan as soon as you have purchased one of the Slender Sip products & provided us with the required information, such as your current weight & height. You will also notice that it’s simple and fun to follow.

*Although Slender Sip will work without diet and exercise, we strongly advise you to follow the free Slender Sip programs to achieve maximum results and for an overall healthier lifestyle.


How do you prepare Slender-Sip?

Just like normal coffee & hot chocolate, one serving per cup – Add a sachet of Slender Sip to 250ml of boiling water and drink with breakfast. You can have another cup during the day, but preferably no later than 3 pm in the afternoon.


How many servings are in a craft bag of Slender Sip?

A total of 25 servings are packaged per craft bag of Slender-Sip.


What is the best time to drink Slender Sip?

The best time to drink Slender-Sip is early in the morning with breakfast or before breakfast, as our research and customer results both show that this provides a new found energy and you will feel great all day. You can also drink Slender Sip in the afternoon during lunch time, no later than 15:00.


Can I use it if I have cardiac problems or have high blood pressure problems?

We highly recommend you to first consult with your medical practitioner for further information whether it will be safe for you to use Slender Sip.


Can I use it if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unfortunately not. Even though Slender Sip is made of natural ingredients,  we strongly advise you to not use the product during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.


Must I use a meal plan with Slender Sip?

It is highly recommended that you do follow a healthy meal plan with Slender Sip, which will be provided to you with your first purchase from your distributing ambassador.


Can I exercise while using Slender Sip?

Absolutely yes. This will contribute to you losing even more unwanted weight.


How long will one craft bag of Slender Sip last?

Should you drink only one cup of Slender Sip coffee per day, approximately for a month.


Where is Slender Sip manufactured?

Slender-Sip is manufactured in Brazil.



How can we pay for Slender Sip?

We will first refer you to a registered Slender Sip ambassador(s) in or near your area. The Slender-Sip ambassador will provide you with their banking details to make your payment to.

Should we not be able to provide you with an ambassador in or near your area, you can either register to become an ambassador for Slender Sip to cater for that particular area or we will refer you to the nearest ambassador / Slender Sip President.


Where is Slender-Sip head offices located?

We are located in The Reeds, Centurion, South Africa & can deliver to you free of charge in a radius of 30km.


How do I become an Ambassador for Slender Sip?

First, we will look at the area in which you plan to distribute Slender-Sip. Secondly, a minimum opening purchase order of 4 craft packs will have to be made.

We will forward all leads in your area to contact personally.


What is the composure of slender-Sip coffee?

It is normal coffee granules that you pour into your cup.



Should you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +27(12)657-0601, or alternatively at +27(64) 682-7333.