*Please note that all deliveries are done personally by the Slender-Sip ambassador, provided that there is an available ambassador in or near your area of residence (radius of +-10km).


*A mutual pickup point can also be arranged between yourself & the Slender-Sip distributing ambassador.

*Should there not be an available ambassador in or near your area of residence, the product can be shipped to you at an additional charge (Registered mail or “Postnet to Postnet”).



*Shipping is FREE of charge if you order four or more craft bags.



*Please note that the ambassador carries the expense of getting the product delivered to you. So should you wish to have your Slender-Sip product delivered to your door instead of making arrangements for a mutual pick up point, please make it worthwhile for the ambassador by ordering at least two to three craft bags of SlenderSip to make up for their traveling expenses.